Caftal Biotech Co., Ltd. is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Healthiest Bottled Water and Health Mineral Water, with a factory in Taiwan. With years of experience in the line of making, we are known for our outstanding performance in the industry. We have helped ourselves as one of the leading brand in Taiwan. We constantly upgrade our products to meet the international standards. We hold a team of professionals, which provides on time deliveries with high quality. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us match our quality with international standards.


Caftal Biotech Co., Ltd . is a company which research and development products for human health promotion, with health care and prevention medicine as the main objective.
Adhering to the principle of prioritising consumer health, consumers can enjoy natural and non-toxic healthy products.
Water, air, sunlight and nutrients are the driving force of human life. They are indispensable, health of the human body must start from these four vital elements. The company’s initial development begins from the water that everyone needs every day.
Main products include highly dissolved oxygen drinking water in (a) plastic bottled packaging (b) glass bottled packaging
The production plant is located in the Dashu District of Kaohsiung, the water source of the Dashu District is from the stratum stretching from the natural abundant groundwater of the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan.
The source was named "Taiwan Famous Spring" in the Japanese era. The factory holds legal water rights. At present, the factory is running three modernised production lines, in addition to the patented high dissolved oxygen water production equipment, patented production process, allowing saturated oxygen dissolved in water, premium quality highly dissolved oxygen water suitable for drinking.
In addition to water quality standard processing equipment and modern automated bottle washing, filling, sealing, labeling, etc, these products comply:
with CNS12852 international packaging standards for drinking water
with ISO22000 and HACCP certifications
and passed 50 water quality inspections and testings.
This product hold the following approved patent for highly dissolved oxygen water production equipment in
China : ZL.2017 2 0438961.X,
Australia: 2017101046,
Taiwan : M54869
Mass production of 7.8Hz low-frequency resonance water equipment: no added substances, no contact with water, use of resonance waves to activate water quality, approved patent Taiwan no. .
The company's original intention was to develop human health promotion products, and entrust a professional organization with public credibility to conduct regular water quality inspections, to achieve highly dissolved oxygen, clean and sterile, non-toxic and premium quality drinking water.

Our sincerity and hard work have helped us to match the quality of our

Healthiest Bottled Water

with international standards. According to the different kinds of manufacture demands, we offer perfect services to you.